The Essential of Handling High Trading Volume

Crypto Exchanges Thursday, March 16, 2023


As cryptocurrency gains more mainstream attention, it's no surprise that trading volume has surged to unprecedented levels. For exchanges, it's critical to have the infrastructure in place to handle this volume. In this article, we'll discuss the essential aspects of handling high trading volume in the cryptocurrency industry.

Importance of Handling High Trading Volume

High trading volume is a sign of a healthy cryptocurrency market, but it can also lead to challenges. A sudden increase can lead to a bottleneck in the exchange, causing slow transaction times and lost trades. This can lead to frustrated users who may take their business elsewhere. 

Additionally, high trading volume can attract bad actors who may try to exploit the system, leading to security risks.

Infrastructure for High Trading Volume

To handle high trading volume, exchanges need to have robust and scalable infrastructure. This includes having a reliable trading engine that can handle high order volumes and a matching engine that can process trades quickly and accurately. 

Futhermore, exchanges need to have a well-architected backend system that can handle high concurrent user traffic and scale on-demand.

Ensuring High Availability

High trading volume can lead to downtime if the exchange isn't prepared. Downtime can lead to lost revenue, a tarnished reputation, and angry customers. Exchanges must ensure high availability by deploying redundant systems, backup power supplies, and network connectivity. 

Moreover, exchanges must have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place to quickly recover from any unexpected outage.

Security Considerations

High trading volume can attract bad actors who may try to exploit the system. Security is a top priority for any exchange, and handling high trading volume requires a robust security infrastructure. This includes secure access controls, multi-factor authentication, and encryption of sensitive data. 

Besides, exchanges must monitor their systems 24/7 for any suspicious activity and have a comprehensive incident response plan in place.

Robust core engine for Crypto Exchanges (CEX, DEX)

Finatech offers high trading volume solutions for companies in the cryptocurrency industry. Their team of experts provides custom blockchain and web3 outsourcing services for both CEX and DEX development. They specialize in designing and implementing scalable and reliable infrastructure to handle high trading volumes with ease. 

Finatech's system is appreciated because:

  • Provide Core engine matches billions of transactions per day
  • The system operates continuously, stably and seamlessly over 13+ years, ensuring a huge trading volume of billions of dollars/session.

Finatech's solutions ensure high availability, security, and performance, allowing exchanges to focus on their core business. 

By partnering with Finatech, companies can rest assured that their infrastructure is in good hands. 

For more information on Finatech's high trading volume solutions, contact their team today.

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